Whether you are planning a BACnet product migration, strategic marketing and technology development using BACnet, proprietary gateway development, embedded controller development, workstation and Windows application development, BACnet testing/debugging, integration with BACnet, or just looking for advice about BACnet, PolarSoft can provide the help you need.


  • A seasoned team of industry professionals with BACnet experience from square one.
  • An enormous codebase of BACnet software in a variety of sizes and platforms, and the application and development experience to apply them quickly and effectively to your problems.
  • A wide range of interoperability experience with many vendors and BACnet systems.


We can provide on-site consultation in every area of BACnet design and development.


We also provide fixed-cost quotations for project work, and turnkey development.


BTL Pre-testing

If you intend to submit your BACnet product(s) for BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) testing, one of your concerns may be the high cost of repeated testing when errors or issues are discovered, requiring retesting. Many companies have come to PolarSoft to have their products "pre-tested" prior to sending them to BTL. This service provides a number of compelling advantages:

  • We provide a fixed-cost quotation - no guessing about how much time it will take
  • We will help you create all BTL documentation, EPICS and generate a detailed Test Plan
  • We will run the same tests that BTL does and provide you with a detailed report describing any issues we discover. We will work with your developers to help determine the cause and resolve each issue.
  • If our report says that your device is "good to go" and you subsequently are challenged by BTL on any point, we will defend your device with BTL and argue on your behalf. In 100% of all past cases when we've had to do this, BTL has ultimately ruled in our favor.
  • Our proprietary methods and highly skilled staff ensure that every aspect of your device is professionally tested and evaluated, and that you receive reports and advice and support in plain and clear language.